Annual Flatley Challenge Startup Competition

Seeking Tech Startups & Emerging Businesses

This dynamic competition is designed to assist startups and emerging businesses in the fields of IT, communications, data storage, connectivity, robotics, clean tech, medical devices, digital health, mobile app design, life sciences and other leading-edge technologies.

Originated by Mr. John Flatley himself, the contest is now entering its 6th year. See our latest press release announcing the 2017 Flatley Challenge here.

“I saw a need for startups in New Hampshire to be given a chance to succeed,” Flatley said. “One way to do this, from my perspective, was to provide promising companies free incubation space and a small monetary incentive. As part of the Nashua community, I wanted to do what I could as a property owner to help promote and grow employment in New Hampshire.”

Each year we refer to the current challenge as “the best one yet”. Our ability to continue to say that year after year is a true testament to the increasing caliber of candidates who apply. We are proud to see the increased recognition of the Flatley Challenge throughout the high tech community.

Each year, the winner(s) of the innovative competition receive free rent for one year for up to 5,000 square feet of office and/or lab space at the Nashua Technology Park (NTP) and/or Nashua Office Park (NOP) at Gateway Hills, and up to $10,000 in fit-up, connectivity and related costs.

The Challenge kicks off each August and applications close at the end of October. There is no application fee and candidates are encouraged to apply online. See link below and on side bar.

Applications should include the executive summary section of the existing business plan, or a thorough description of the nature of the venture including, but not limited to, the history of the business, its proposed or existing product line, the characteristics of the potential market, the general marketing plan and efforts to date, the organization of your business including your management team, existing and projected financial resources available to the business, the long term business goals and its job growth potential for the next three to five years.

A short list of the highest scoring applicants are invited for a personal interview before a review panel in November. The winning applicants are chosen at the end of December.

The Flatley Challenge is intended to stimulate the development and growth of early-stage companies by providing them both free incubation space plus the opportunity to interact with world class companies already resident at Gateway Hills such as Dell, Skillsoft, Amphenol TCS, Benchmark Electronics, Arista Networks, Plexxi, Parallel Wireless and more.

We are excited to see which new and exciting tech startups apply for the challenge this year and we look forward to receiving your business plans!

Any questions about the Flatley Challenge should be directed to Kathleen McLaughlin, Marketing Manager for the John Flatley Company at (603) 598-7500 or via email at

Past Winners & Runners Up

2017 Categories:

  • Robotics
  • Digital Health
  • Web/IT
  • Data Storage
  • App Design
  • Clean Tech
  • Medical Devices

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“As an early stage company that doesn’t have a ton of people, you can attest to the fact that when you go out looking for space, a lot of folks will say they’re entrepreneur friendly, but have a hard time actually showing you what that means. We’re very grateful, we’re very thankful, and we promise that we’ll pay you next year.”

-Greg McHale, CTO of Datanomix, 2016 Hi-Tech Winner


“I know that there are people in this room who have tried to go from zero to one, and I’m sure you can share in how hard it is to do just that. And it is impossible to get from zero to one without the support, the generosity and the vision of people like Mr. Flatley.”

– Paul Holzer, CEO of XenoTherapeutics


“Thanks to organizations like the Flatley Company, who believe in giving start-ups a “step-up” we are gaining momentum and are very excited about the future. We are so grateful for the suite (and sweet) space and look forward to continued growth and collaborative relationships. You and your team have been beyond helpful and have made this transition as smooth as possible.”

-Forcivity, 2016 Flatley Challenge Runner-up


“I encourage you all to keep inventing and moving forward and developing technologies that will enhance the services and livelihood of our great state.”

-Gov. Chris Sununu


“Participating in the challenge and placing our office in the Nashua Technology Park has allowed us to hire from an exceptional pool of talent and accelerate our growth plans for 2015. The facility and its staff have exceeded our expectations and we hope to be here for a long time to come.”

– Brian Nadeau, Senior Vice President, Product Development of Infinio


“After winning the inaugural NTP Challenge in 2010, we enjoyed a full year of free rent and $10,000 in working capital. Since then, we have found the John Flatley Company to be extremely accommodating and appreciate the full array of leading-edge amenities here. Working within a master-planned technology campus with other like-minded companies has been extremely beneficial for our growth and our employees’ productivity.”

– Peter Vicars, CEO, VGO Communications


“We were fortunate to win the Flatley Challenge and receive free office space for a year.  We are grateful to set up our shop in such a great location for the company and our employees.”

– Jeff Morrill, President of SimQuest Systems


“Infinio looks forward to being able to draw on the great engineering talent pool in the Nashua area as our company continues to grow and expand.”

– Arun Agarwal, Co-founder, Infinio


“Since our experience with the Flatley Challenge was so successful and the space is great, we were able to go into a long term lease after the first year was up. We’re really excited to grow with the park and become a bigger anchor and success story for NTP.”

– Laurie Riedel, Vice President, Plexxi


“It has been phenomenal for Pilera Software. I am extremely thankful to have access to this space at a critical point in Pilera’s growth. It has allowed us to hire and bring on more people without having to worry about where they will be sitting to do their job.”

– Ashish Patel, President, Pilera Software